Working effectively and productively with others is an extremely complex endeavor. ​​​​​​​​​Collaboration skills can be complicated to learn because they are actually people skills, and learning these skills takes guided practice and quality feedback. Studio School teachers explicitly teach and model collaboration skills including active listening, mutual respect, positive attitude (growth mindset), and focused social awareness.


But, we know that simply modeling behaviors and telling
students to work together won't necessarily lead to productive collaboration.​ Therefore,
our teachers develop active, engaging learning activities and projects where students have real reasons to collaborate. We use these opportunities to teach and help students practice how to be good group members as they participate in role playing and facilitating group discussions.​


Additionally, teachers facilitate collaboration by holding high expectations for students, showing students successful work​examples, assigning leadership roles, encouraging self-direction, helping students plan and chart project progress, and designing assessments to promote reflection, measure individual growth, evaluate group processes, and assess project outcomes.

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