“Computers can do all the left hemisphere processing better and faster than the human brain. So what's left for the human brain is global thinking, creative thinking, intuitive-problem solving, seeing the whole picture. All of that can not be done by the computer.” 

~ Betty Edwards

  • Students who learn about a wide range of subjects become great citizens, adept leaders, and more creative creators, because studying the Liberal Arts is about developing and expanding vision.

  • Our connection-oriented Liberal Arts classes encourage students to explore the world and its people from various points of view.

  • Students learn about ideas, beliefs, ways of questioning and analytical, scientific, creative, and logical means
    of solving problems that have guided human beings
    and shaped our civilizations for thousands of years.

  • Our Liberal Arts classes promote studying global issues
    from a contemporary point-of-view and teach students how to relate what is happening in the world to historical roots.

  • Courses also encourage students to develop cultural sensitivity, global awareness, and civic literacy so they
    can participate more effectively and responsibly in a
    multi-cultural world.

  • Elective options provide opportunities to explore various topics in semester-long courses.

  • All courses are grounded in problem- and project-based learning practices, and are designed to help students build transferable creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.


  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Basic & Applied Statistics

  • Technical & Consumer Math

  • Computer Programming

  • College Algebra through Models

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Calculus


  • Biology

  • Applied Chemistry

  • Physical Science & Engineering

  • Energy, Environment & Society

  • Sustainable & Organic Agriculture

  • Plant Propagation

  • Physics by Inquiry

History & Social Studies

  • Political Science

  • Modern World History
    ​& Global Perspectives

  • American Democracy

  • Multicultural & Global America

Health & Wellness

  • Health & Wellness
    ​for Creativity

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Somatic Movement

  • Yoga

  • Tai-Chi


  • Freshman Humanities Foundations

  • Sophomore Humanities Foundations

English Language Arts

  • Studio Research & Writing

  • Media Literacy Studies

  • Film Studies

  • World Literature

  • Public Speaking

English Language Arts

  • Spanish I & II

  • Intermediate Spanish I & II

  • French I & II*

  • Intermedia French I & II*

  • American Sign Language*

Family & Consumer Science

  • Intro to Culinary Arts

  • Consumer Economics

  • Food Science & Nutrition


  • Business & Entrepreneurial Concepts

  • Service Learning Project Manager

  • Gallery Coordinator

  • Teaching Assistantship

  • any course taken beyond those done to satisfy MN high school &
    Studio School graduation requirements

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