• Communication is one of the key components of 21st century learning. ​​​​​​

  • Studio School students have many opportunities to continually develop and sharpen their visual, written and verbal communication skills; the most unique of which is through participating in exhibitions and presentations of their work throughout the year.

  • Exhibits and film/video screenings take place both in school and public venues, and range in focus and magnitude throughout the year; from grade-level or themed shows, to comprehensive retrospective installations, and competitive,
    all-school juried shows.


  • Studio School exhibitions offer students opportunities to:

    • learn to curate their own and others' work

    • develop thematic exhibitions, inventive displays
      and unique ways to share their work

    • build their resumé

    • communicate with diverse audiences

    • connect to an audience through creative expression

    • grow from constructive feedback and responses
      to their work

    • learn and practice professional-level gallery installation 
      and display techniques

    • work collaboratively to plan and execute a public event that involves coordinating the collection, arrangement, labeling and installation of work, event promotion, and arranging opening night refreshments and music

    • celebrate their and others' accomplishments

    • practice leadership and collaboration skills

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