• Studio and Liberal Arts courses in 9th and 10th grades help students build a ​​​​​foundation of common language and studio habits in a supportive, growth-oriented atmosphere.

  • All curriculum is designed using a studio project- and problem-driven approach grounded in global themes and discovery of how contemporary concepts are connected
    to the historic.​


  • Students learn to conduct simultaneous, linear and network
    style inquiry with ​emphasis on making interdisciplinary connections. This: 

    • provides a contextual basis for dissecting current global issues in support of service-learning projects

    • supports rigorous, purposeful, hands-on learning

    • includes scaffolded, teacher-directed, collaborative, activities so students develop higher order thinking skills

  • All of our studio curricula is inspired by by the proven-successful, state sponsored Visual & Media Arts Curriculum in New South Wales, Australia, a predescesser of ​the American International Baccalaureate (IB) learning system.

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