“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.” 

~ Henry David Thoreau 

  • Empowering students to develop a personal aesthetic through exploration of a wide variety of media, and development of critical thinking skills are cornerstones ​
    ​of our Visual Arts courses.

  • Students expand their understanding of art in contemporary and historical contexts while exercising creativity and developing discipline as they make artworks, participate in critique, and learn to observe the world around them with artistic curiosity.

  • Student work is evaluated through rubric self-assessment, peer assessment, and teacher assessment during class critiques, projects, individual discussions, exhibitions, observations, and technical skill demonstrations.

  • Elective options encourage students to explore various topics, techniques and media in semester-long workshop style classes that meet once per week.

  • All courses are grounded in critique, and are designed to help students build deep understandings of how the Visual Arts relate to a variety of disciplines.


Art & Design History

  • Art History (Timeline)
    ​Foundations 1 & 2

  • Contemporary Art
    ​& Historical Connections

  • Media Arts & Design History

  • Theory & Semiotics

Studio Foundations

  • Drawing & Painting

  • Sculpture & 3D Concepts

  • Ceramics

Advanced Studio Explorations

  • Printmaking

  • Screenprinting

  • Advanced Fibers

  • Advanced Ceramics
    ​& Sculpture


  • Fiber Arts

  • Advanced Printmaking

  • Book Arts

  • Sequential Illustration

  • Advanced Drawing
    & Painting

  • Papermaking

  • Woodworking

  • Performance
    ​& Installation Art

  • Art & Design ​History

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